If you have an old door lying around but it has no handle, follow these steps to fit one:

We’re using a handle with a privacy pin but the steps are similar for most handles.  When you buy a handle it will come with its own instructions and template:

• First up, measure the existing handles, mark it up on the new door, get the template and cut in the handle.

• Measure to the centre of the door, set the template and mark 2 guide holes using a small drill to help centre your cut.

• Use a drill saw to cut the main hole for the latch mechanism. The drill saw has a central spike, line this up with your guide hole for an accurate cut.

• Just a quick tip before you drill right through, bring your drill saw back the other way and drill through so you don’t split the face of the door.

• Next drill out the hole for the latch, drop it in and mark the position.

• Once you’ve marked out the hole for your latch, grab a sharp knife and mark out around the lines then you can chisel out cleanly.

• Chisel out the depth of the latch plate so it sits flush with the door.

• Once you have fitted your latch make sure it’s the right way round. If you’re using a privacy latch, make sure the pin is facing on the inside.

• Check your handle is the right way round, the lever should go down and the grab screw at the bottom and then screw into place.

• Screw off the 2 handles, fit the privacy pin and the cover plates and the handle is good to go.