Door closer installation varies slightly among the many manufacturers of the devices. Do-it-yourself door closer kits have a template that sticks to the door to make installation less of a headache. It is a good idea to refer often to your manufacturer's instructions that come with the kit for the open and close adjustments. Although they can seem intimidating at first glance, door closers are quick to install.

Things You'll Need

  • Drill with bits
  • Phillips-head screwdriver
  • Stepladder
  • Peel the backing of the template and place the template on the room side of the door. The template mounts to the upper corner of the door on the hinge side of the door. If your system also includes the template for the arm mount, place the template on the door frame header where indicated on the door template. If you do not have an arm template, mark holes after installing the body.

  • Drill pilot holes where the door template indicates. Different models of closer use different size and quantities of screws to mount the closer to the door. Use an appropriate size bit to drill the mounting holes for your kit.

  • Place the door closer body on the door with the adjustment nut pointing away from the hinge. The adjusting nut is on the end of the door closer barrel. Another way to make sure you have the closer on the door correctly is to check the location of the arm spindle. The arm spindle will be closer to the hinge side of the door than the handle side.

  • Secure the closer to the door with the mounting screws in your kit. Tighten all mounting screws with the appropriate Phillips-head screwdriver.

  • Place the lower portion of the closer arm on the arm spindle of the closer. The arm is a two-piece arm. The end of the lower arm has a square hole that fits over the square spindle on the door closer. Attach the arm door jamb mount to the end of the upper arm with the mounting pin in your kit. The arm mount has an open side and a solid side. The open side must point toward the hinge side of the door.

  • Inspect the top of the closer and locate the numbers that are around the circumference. It may be necessary to set up a stepladder so you can see this clearly. Pull the lower portion of the arm toward the handle side of the door until the arm is over the “1” position. Spread the upper arm and position the arm mount on the header. When you have the upper arm in a 90-degree angle and the arm mount is flush against the door frame header, mark the mounting holes with a pencil.

  • Drill the mounting holes with the appropriate size bit. Mount the arm mount to the door frame header with the appropriate securing screws. Adjust the door closer force adjustments according to the manufacturer's instructions.